D-Lo- Get Her Tho Ft. TYGA | Choreography by Furgaan Omer

This is my first post in almost a year actually lol..i just never get on tumblr anymore except to find songs.  Well so about the video, I took this class last night.  It was my favorite choreography that I’ve learned so far and that shii was hella fun and hype.  I’ve finally got a studio I can afford to commit to b/c it’s right off base.  I wanna come around to love dancing just like I love basketball; I already find it fun to do and I want to get better.  Also gives me a chance to meet people out in the community off base, and so far they’re all pretty nice.  I thanks to Furgaan for inviting me to give the place a try.  He’s a pretty good choreographer/dancer; props to him.  Can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved in the next few months!!!

A Thousand Years Pt. 2 by Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee, Ordinary People by John Legend, When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

My three songs right about now

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Jeremy Passion | I Don't Care

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Not your average kinda love…

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Ordinary People by John Legend
The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.

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So this will be my last post in a while…

Last night was my last night I got to sleep here in my bed in my home..I have to head over to the office today to get my final things checked and done then Ima head over to the hotel after and just chill for the rest of the day.  Then tomorrow is finally the big long-awaited day…I have mixed feelings going into tomorrow.  Leaving a girlfriend, family, and lots of friends behind isn’t easy, but it’s part of life..just growing up.  Fariya and I have to start focusing on our own separate futures for we both want to be different confessions.  Her life is in the medical field as a normal college student as of right now.  Mine is to just go where the Air Force takes me.  Our relationship was kind of last minute I guess you could say..we just found each other and decided to go for it.  Glad I got to know her..no regrets <3  I’m leaving behind my bed, which my bro is gnna take after I leave lol, a dirty room, and an unbathed dog..ahh I hope Lani is still alive after I get back.  I’m not nervous at all…just so anxious; it’s always been anxious…just wondering what God has in store for me.  My mom isn’t taking it well lol…seeing her first-born son going off into the world.  My dad said it’s hard for mom’s to let go, she keeps telling me to be safe and stuff.  I’m gonna miss my fam..lectures from my dad, nagging of my mom, annoying the hell outta Zach.  Well that’s all I have to say really.  Byee tumblrrr for now…hopefully aha



Jeremy Passion x Clara C | Catching Feelings/As (Bieber/Wonder Cover)

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